TROVA il tuo viaggio ideale!
TROVA il tuo
viaggio ideale!
Giorni in bici

Joyas Culturales de Holanda

We had high expectations for the trip, and our expectations were exceeded.

Playas y Pueblos

We cycled through beautiful Dutch countryside, enjoying the sights and sounds of springtime. Interesting towns and villages, good food and great beer! Such a friendly and civilised place. [...]

Viaje en bicicleta: Viaje de los Tulipanes

We really enjoyed our tulip trip - the GPS made it easy for us to navigate and we really enjoyed the beauty and calmness of the routes. Keukenhoff was a must see and we particularly enjoyed our time in Haalem.

Lo Mejor del Norte de Holanda

Het was een mooie fietstocht over rustige wegen/fietspaden. Mooie natuur in een dito landschap.

Viaje en bicicleta por lo más destacado de Holanda

Thank you Dutch Bike Tours once again another fantastic well organized cycling tour.

Al Norte de Holanda

Radreise über 8 Tage mit dem 1 Zusatztag in Amsterdam. Tolle Routen mit tollen Radwegen diese wir erleben durften. Trotz teileweise schlechtem Wetter war die Tour ein Highlight mit perfekter Beschreibung und Plätzen die man allein niemals finden würde! [...]

Joyas Culturales de Holanda

Sporty trip while visiting beautiful sights was the perfect t honey moon for us, as we love biking more than anything and visiting new places.


EVERYTHING about this trip was EXCEPTIONAL. The pre-booking guidance, ease of booking, the hotels selected, the routes chosen, the GPX files and maps. Cycling through the countryside on little used roads or bike paths was fun and stress free. [...]


Nice, relaxing trip. The days are the right length/distance. We enjoyed the route. [...]

Los Secretos de Zeeland

Fantastic dutch landscapes , mills, animals, birds singing. Small villages, no traffic. Beautiful Nederland , water, colors, nice friendly people and pearls of hotels on our way. [...]

Amsterdam - Bruselas LF2 ¡Nuevo 2016!

This was our 1st bike tour in Europe. We loved riding from city to city , exploring the areas between towns and learning about the history of the regions.

Playas y Pueblos

Wonderful trip through very interesting part of the Netherlands. Charming paths, houses, lots of birds and domestic animals. Fantastic visit to the tulip garden in Keukenhof and very nice stop in Amsterdam for one day, to visit the city, see the Vermeer exposition and go for canal cruise. [...]

Joyas Culturales de Holanda

The trip had very little elevation change making it easy ! We didn’t need E bikes ! The route is very well organized using a numbers system. [...]

Viaje en bicicleta: Viaje de los Tulipanes

Enjoyed landscape, wildlife, grazing sheep, flowers, canals, architecture, cleanliness everywhere, nice cyclepaths. Haalem and Leiden are lovely cities. Amsterdam is too big and crowded for me. [...]

Las Ciudades Antiguas

Eine sehr schöne Tour mit den Tulpenfeldern und den sehenswerten Blumencorso. Sehr beeindruckend und erlebnisreich um das Interessante Land etwas genauer kennen zu lernen.
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