TROVA il tuo viaggio ideale!
TROVA il tuo
viaggio ideale!
Giorni in bici

Città e i laghi della Frisia

....es hat wieder alles prima geklappt. Insofern werden wir bestimmt noch einmal eine Reise bei Ihnen buchen. Nun zum Verbesserungsvorschlag: schoen waeren auch Reisen mit etwas laengeren Etappen....

L'Olanda del tempo che fu

....Thank you for the idea of a cycling holiday. We used your Holland Highlights tour and then working with you, we adapted the route to suit our own interests. We timed everything around the Wednesday Cheese Market in Edam! Everything worked well and we had a great time. The ‘Holland Highlights’ tour is aimed at people who want to do short distances. [...]

Le perle dei Paesi Bassi

...Hi Dutch Bike Tours - thanks so much for arranging our holiday.  We had a fantastic time - really enjoyed it.  Bikes were great - and I was so impressed with the panniers that I've asked for some exactly the same for my birthday! We've already recommended Dutch Bike Tours to our friends and work mates and hope to return to do another cycle tour soon....

Zelanda segreta

....Alles is prima verlopen in Zeeland, Prima Hotels, duidelijk en mooie routes en de koffers zijn keurig meegekomen, kortom tot de volgende keer,...

La Penisola dell’Olanda del Nord

...All great. Hotels were great. Bikes were good. [...]

Olanda del Nord

...die Tour hat uns sehr gut gefallen. Es war alles sehr gut organisiert. Besonderen Dank, dass Ihr während der Tour für Rückfragen erreichbar wart. Herzlichen Dank!.... [...]

Ricordando le diligenze

...We had a really good time and the weather was fantastic (if a little hot at times!!). We found the bikes and instructions you left us at the hotel excellent and although we got lost a couple of times, generally getting from one hotel to another was straightforward. The food in the hotels was of a very high standard and it was nice to see the menus included a lot of local produce/dishes. [...]

Antiche città olandesi

...wir waren sehr zufrieden mit der Organisation und haben vor, so einen Fahrradurlaub zu wiederholen. Die Alte-Städte-Tour war sehr abwechslungsreich und wir sind noch voller neuer Eindrücke. Die Niederlande ist wirklich ein schönes Land. Es war für uns sehr hilfreich, dass wir ein Navi hatten. Darauf würden wir nun nicht mehr verzichten wollen. Das Hotel in Zandvoort hat uns nicht gefallen, das Frühstück war aber ok. Schade, dass die Verantwortlichen dort nicht mehr aus der tollen Lage machen. Also noch einmal vielen Dank und viele Grüße... [...]

Amsterdam e dintorni

...es war eine sehr schöne Tour und wir sind sehr zufrieden. Einzig die Tagesstrecke nach Mijdrecht durch die eintönigen Feriensiedlungen war streckenweise langweilig. Im Frühjahr durch Keukenhof ist das sicher interessanter. [...]

Da isola a isola nel Mare di Wadden

...We thoroughly enjoyed our Island Hopping Tour! It was a great way to spend our 10th year of cycling tours! The Westcord hotels on Vlieland and Terschelling were excellent: friendly, helpful staff, excellent food (so good that we even took photos of some of the dishes), and comfortable rooms. The supplied route to Harlingen worked well and we got there in good time for the first ferry crossing....

Amsterdam - Bruges

....Overall, we enjoyed our trip very much. The bikes were of excellent quality, and the routes took us through scenic and interesting landscapes. People whom we met were friendly and helpful. [...]

Il giro delle due coste

....Thank you for the follow-up email.  We really enjoyed our vacation and the tour (Two Coasts Tour). We loved the diversity of the scenery, towns, gardens, houses and countryside and we found some great restaurants along the way and enjoyed some local beers throughout our trip....

Amsterdam - Bruges

....We have enjoyed the ride and our trip was well organized....

Il Parco Nazionale Hoge Veluwe

...The bicycle tour was wonderful and the weather was perfect.  The bike, attached lock and repair kit (unused?) were very comfortable and in great shape. The hotels Avegoor and de Rheehorst were excellent, Princess was ok.  My bags were always there before I arrived.  The route was a great sampling of different countrysides and terrains, cities, villages and forests.  Day 3 was my very favorite.  And thank you for the book of sites to visit....

Nel cuore dell’Olanda

....Everything worked fine. The organisation, the hotels, the bikes were excellent. Every member of our group is fully satisfied. GPS worked also fine.... [...]
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