TROVA il tuo viaggio ideale!
TROVA il tuo
viaggio ideale!
Giorni in bici

Spiagge e mare

...Cycling through the wetlands, hearing the birds, and being on dedicated cycle lanes, and talking with the friendly and helpful Dutch people...

Le verdi praterie olandesi

...Kinderdijk was great, I enjoyed wandering around Gouda during the market and Oudewater - the witches weigh house was unique! I enjoyed the whole route, it was very varied and left me feeling that I really experienced what this country has to offer. The cycling distance struck a nice balance - it was leisurely while also giving a sense of achievement at the end. [...]

L'Olanda del tempo che fu

...The location of the hotels were fantastic!...

Scopri l'Olanda del Nord

...Big thumbs up for Dutch-Biketours as everything went even better than we originally expected. The hybrid bikes that we rented were brand new and it was nice to have the water-proof pack on the back of the bike and one smaller one in front of the bike. Our luggage was always transported on time to the next hotel and all the hotels had at least some form of bike-storage to store the bikes so we didn't have to worry about leaving them to the streets. [...]

Escursioni da Rotterdam

...The best way to experience the Dutch countryside. We absolutely loved the trip. We will return...  [...]

Le verdi praterie olandesi

...Some of the route went through beautiful farmland of well kept properties. The Dutch people take such pride in their homes as is evident by the care they take with their gardens and landscaping. Seeing the windmills along the calm waters of the canals was amazing... [...]

Amsterdam - Bruges

...Thank you for a wonderful holiday!...

Escursioni intorno a Rotterdam

...Eine wunderschönes Wochenende, super organisiert, Fahrräder top, Hotel klasse, Radtour einmalig schöne Landschaft. Würde ich sofort nochmal buchen...


...Wir sind 2 Routen gefahren einmal nach haarlam und nach edam. Sie waren sehr schön... 

Spiagge e città

...Strecke ist super, sehr schön, viele bleibende Eindrücke. Die Stadt Haarlem hat uns sehr positiv überrascht. Hotels, bis auf Zanndvoort sehr schön. [...]

Olanda del Nord

...Die ganze Tour war ein tolles Erlebnis! Wir können überhaupt nicht sagen was das Schönste war! Alles hatte seinen Reiz! [...]

Coste e città del formaggio

...The hotel and route choices were great. Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our experience...

Spiagge e città

...Tolle Reise! Von der Ankunft mit Empfang der Fahrräder und Unterlagen bis zur Abgabe der Fahrräder am letzten Tag eine gute Tour. Zwar waren wir ein paar Mal vor unserem Gepäck im Hotel, aber da dies von DBT vorab bekannt ist, hatten wir Wechselkleidung in den Fahrradtaschen dabei. [...]

Olanda del Nord

...Die Route hat uns sehr gefallen...

La terra dei tulipani

...We particularly enjoyed the pumping station at Cruquius, and were pleased to arrive in Leiden by lunchtime due to the short cycle, as it was so pretty...

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