TROVA il tuo viaggio ideale!
TROVA il tuo
viaggio ideale!
Giorni in bici


... I really enjoyed my time in and around Amsterdam - the hotel was easy to get to, it was very bike-friendly, it was easy to get into town, and the room was nice. I loved the cycling - like your guide says, it couldn't be easier. [...]

Bruges - Amsterdam

We enjoyed the tour. The wind on the first couple of days wasn't helpful, but that not something you can control!
We got lost a couple of times, but I think that was mainly our map reading, not your instructions!
Accommodation & breakfasts were good. We were impressed with the bike roads/paths network across the country.

Le perle dei Paesi Bassi

...We are back in Amsterdam and enjoyed our tour in spite of the ever changing weather. The bikes were great however we found an issue with our GPS on the leg from Delft to Gouda. The GPS took us to about two blocks away from the hotel,we did find it with the help of some locals. When we left the next morning the GPS had a circle route taking us around the city centre and back to our origanal spot. [...]

L'Olanda del tempo che fu

Thank you very much. Everything was very good. The bikes and the hotels. We had lots of fun!!!

L'Olanda del tempo che fu

...We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the tour. If only you could have provided better weather!  Actually it wasn't too bad - we managed to avoid biking in the rain most of the time.I think if there was any room for improvement it was on our night in Zaander. The hotel was lovely but we felt like there was really nothing to see or do in the immediate area.  We went to bed early and did our sightseeing in Zaanse Shans early the next morning. [...]

Zelanda segreta

Besten Dank für die Willkommensgrüsse. Wie die letzte Tour mit Ihnen, war auch diese Zeeland-Tour ein schönes Erlebnis. Die Streckenführung war gelungen und auch mit den Hotels waren wir zufrieden. [...]

Le perle dei Paesi Bassi

...We had a great holiday and we were both glad to have chosen it....


...I had a great bike tour. Your company provided all the necessary info, good, sturdy bikes, great itineraries,  and the flexibility to use the bike all 4 days. The GPS was very helpful but on my trip to haarlem it sent me in the wrong direction several times and that was frustrating as it sent me all the way back the way I had come through the park at first. And I noticed that when I turned it off mid way though the tour during a lunch break when it came back on it would revert to the original number of kms instead of adjusting for what I had already done. [...]

Da isola a isola nel Mare di Wadden

Wir sind gestern sehr zufrieden von unserer Reise zurückgekehrt. Uns hat Friesland sehr gut gefallen. Wir haben es genossen, vorwiegend Einheimische zu treffen und beschlossen, ein bisschen die niederländisch Sprache zu lernen.  Die Hotelzimmer und das Frühstück waren sehr gut. Beim Transfer von Vlieland nach Terschelling hat der Gepäcktransport nicht richtig geklappt. [...]

In bicicletta con bambini: palazzi reali e spiagge

We had a fantastic holiday, and were very impressed with the organisation of the tour.  Our favourite day was the 2nd day - cycling across the polder and then the dunes.  A couple of small points for possible improvement:
- the written directions were very detailed.  It was useful to have street names, but we found it strange that there was no mention of key landmarks eg bridges, crossing big roads.
- the cycle ride we went on was pitched for children of any age.  Our children of 13, 11 and 9 managed it but it was tough and they certainly did not have the energy for all the suggested extra things to do on the route.
But overall a great holiday and one which we would highly recommend.

Amsterdam - Bruges

...We loved the GPS which was indispensable for the trip! We loved the hotels but thought the hotel in Dordrecht was too far from the city center. We appreciate that our luggage was always delivered on time and was often early. Thanks for a fun adventure!...

Groot Heideborgh: Est e Ovest del Veluwe

...unsere 11te Radreise 2015 in die Veluwe war wieder ein Erfolg. Das Hotel war sehr gut, ebenso der Sevice mit dem freundlichen Personal. Das uns zur Verfügung gestellte Material war gut. Wir haben alles gefunden. Mit den Leihrädern waren wir voll Zufrieden, sie liefen wie geschmiert. Wir bedanken uns beim Team "Dutch Biketours" das uns eine tolle Radtour 2015 empfohlen hat...

Olanda del Nord

...wir sind eine Woche zuhause und haben und wieder eingelebt. Wir hatten eine schöne Zeit in Nordholland. Der Wettergott hat es nicht immer gut mit uns gemeint. Trotzdem sind wir geradelt. [...]

Dune e delta

The notes and number sheets were very useful although the map, which was very useful when the notes got a bit confusing, did actually miss out the Northern part of our tour. However I'd like to say we have had a fabulous time, the country is stunning, the choice and variety of hotels excellent and all in all a great success. Many thanks and we hope to return again one day, with best wishes...

Dune e delta

.... I'd like to say we have had a fabulous time, the country is stunning, the choice and variety of hotels excellent and all in all a great success. Many thanks and we hope to return again one day... [...]
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