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TROVA il tuo
viaggio ideale!
Giorni in bici

Las Ciudades Antiguas

Having done a lot of bicycle touring, I was surprised by how attractive the journey was, as if DBT had carefully navigated a route through only the most visually pleasing areas. The one exception to this was the morning heading out from Rotterdam, where we definitely hit one industrial wasteland. But even here, most of our group was able to bypass this, taking a river bus to Kinderdijk. [...]


We had a wonderful time. It was all we had hoped for and more!

Las Ciudades Antiguas

The Old Towns Bike Tour was the perfect trip for our group of 5 cyclists. We had widely varying levels of experience and fitness. Our least experienced rider chose an E-bike and it worked out perfectly. [...]


The organisation of the trip was excellent and everything went very smoothly according to the plan. We appreciated how friendly and helpful everyone we met was and especially how bike friendly the Netherlands are

Las Once Ciudades de Frisia

Wir bedanken uns für diesen schönen Radurlaub ! Die Hotels waren alle in bester Lage i!Die Orte waren sehr schön und die Streckenführung -(Wir sind immer die lange Tour geradelt )-war wunderschön ! Dieses war schon unser 4..Radurlaub mit dutch bike tours und wir waren wieder sehr zufrieden ! [...]

Viaje en bicicleta: Viaje de los Tulipanes

Es war unsere 4. Reise mit Dutch Biketours. Jede für sich war sehr schön abgestimmt. [...]

Paisajes acuáticos de Holanda

Herrliche Landschaft, interessante Städte. Einfach beeindruckend , vielleicht auch gerade in dieser Jahreszeit.

Viaje en bicicleta: Viaje de los Tulipanes

I went on a 3 days trip from Amsterdam to Haarlem to Leiden and back to Amsterdam. It was my first experience of a cycling holiday and I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful spring flowers, canals, attractive buildings and windmills in the dutch countryside. Relaxing in a quality hotel each night and having my luggage transferred for me enhanced the trip considerably. [...]

Viaje en bicicleta: Viaje de los Tulipanes

Outstanding trip and experience with the company. Very proactive and responsive, both timely and in quality of assistance to emails. The bicycles were great. [...]

Campos de tulipanes en el norte de Holanda

We loved the varied route between villages, across across fields - especially tulip fields, and along the coast.


A brilliant experience; who knew that there were so many perfect traffic free cycling routes!

Viaje en bicicleta: Viaje de los Tulipanes

Sehr gut organisiert, seht gutes E-Bike, Routenbeschreibung sehr genau, bestes Wetter, tolle Landschaft

Le perle dei Paesi Bassi

I know everyone probably says this, but nothing can prepare you for how stunning the bulb fields are when you first experience them. Smelling the hycynths from half a kilometer away, the colors, and rows that practically go as far as you can see. It is unreal. [...]

Joyas Culturales de Holanda

We fell in love with the Netherlands on this trip. Everything went exactly as planned. The bikes and GPS were ready when we checked into the hotel. [...]

Playas y Pueblos

Ein perfekter Urlaub!
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